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Top 10 Amazing Fruit will Help you Lose Weight

Top 10 Amazing Fruit will Help you Lose Weight

As we known, we eat fruit everyday. Fruit is benefit for our body. Different fruit has different nutrition and efficacy. Actually there are some fruit will help you lose weight. Do you know it? You do not need to be diet. Insteadly, you can eat one of these 10 fruits for losing weight. 1. Apples People call apples as king of the fruits. Because it contains more nutrition than other fruits. One of its efficacy is helping people to lose weight. Apples are full of vitamins which can improve digestion and absorption of the body. So it will effectively avoid calories converted into fat. Meanwhile, after you eat apples, you'll feel full, so you won't want to eat other food. 2. Orange Orange is known by people as a...

When is the best time for exercise exactly

When is the best time for exercise exactly?

Many people have a great habit- exercise everyday. But are you aware when is the best time for exercise? I heard somebody said it does harm to the body if you do exercise in the evening. Is that true or not? Should we do exercise in the morning or afternoon? So I contact three experts in different fields (Medical Science, Weather, Sports). Now I will share their opinions with you. I know, for many office workers, they needed to get up early and go to work. The only spare time for them to exercise is after work. So Many people have a tendency to exercise more in the evening. However, according to the Chinese medical literature, exercise in the daytime does good for body, but exercise in...