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22 Amazing Uses for Lemons

22 Amazing Uses for Lemons – Do you Know it?

Lemons are one of the most medicinal value fruit in the world. It is high in vitamin C, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, quinine acid, citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, naringin, coumarin, high levels of potassium and a low amount of sodium.They are all benefit for our body. However, many people don't know how to use lemons really in an effective way. So I will share 22 amazing uses for lemons to you in this article. Clean use 1. Putting the cotton or sponge with the lemon juice into the fridge can remove the peculiar smell in the refrigerator 2. You don't need to buy pesticide. With the lemons, you can keep your kitchen clean. All you need to do is spraying the lemon...

Warning! These 6 Bad Habits will do Harm to Your Health

Warning! These 6 Bad Habits will do Harm to Your Health

Actually, many slight illness of our body are caused from some bad habits from our daily life. You may get some disease risks inadvertently. So today, I wil share 6 bad habits which will cause some slight illness. You may read this article to protect you or your family from getting these slight illness. 1. Mattress that not washing as often may cause Allergy Many people often wash their sheet and pillowcase, but they don't wash their Mattress. They may ignore it. However, according to the opinions of experts, the mattress have many bad things such as different allergen, Dust mites and pet dander which will cause allergy or even cause some skin disease such as pruritus and eczema. So you better clean your mattress in every...

How to Bowl Step by Step

How to Bowl Step by Step (Detailed Guide and Useful Bowling tips)

Do you love playing with balls? Do you look forward to get those targets down? Do you want to make your weekends enthusiastic with bowling? If your gaming spirit is far above the ground and you look for safer games, the game of bowling is for you. Why bowling is so popular? Earlier, the professional bowlers gained as much as the NFL stars and often earned international recognition and fat salaries for their sporty skill. Gradually, this most sought after sport acquired the face of pastime adventure as mall-games. Malls represent the ultra-modern culture; people coming there look for having fun and escapade. They find these desire of theirs getting fulfilled with bowling. Bowling has various benefits for your health as well. Check out what the game has for...

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly: The know-how and common mistakes

Your teeth are the first tool to let you enjoy the ecstatic delight of the delicious food you drool at. They are your first companion to make up for your impeccable smile besides adding to your overall beauty. So possessing clean, white and flawless teeth is as important from the other perspectives as it is from a health point of perspective. It takes regular care and proper teething methods to get those unblemished set of teeth. But if you have suddenly awakened from a long slumber of ignorance and are up on your toes to even out your wrong doings to your oral health care, then you have come at a right place. While any serious decays or plaque formation must be taken to the information of your...