About Me

About Me

Hi, everyone! My name is Mandy and I am a Chinese woman. I have been living in America for 5 years. In these 5 years, I met many good people. When I have some problems in everyday life, they will always give me a hand. Thanks for them, I know a lot about American customs, rules and regulations. I am very glad to make friends with them.
When I am in China, I am a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Traditional Chinese Medicine is different from West medicine. We use different kinds of herbal medicines to cure people. After I lived in America, I find many people live with an unhealthy lifestyle, including some of my friends. So I decide to build this website for sharing health tips and practical methods for curing illness.

My story


I was born in a middle-class family in China. My father is an old traditional Chinese doctor as well. When I am a little girl, he always takes me to his clinic and teaches me some simple Chinese medicine knowledge. Since then, I hope I can be a doctor like my father when I grow up.

After Chinese college entrance examination, I decide to learn Chinese medicine as my main major without any hesitation. In college, I learned much from my teacher. I can recognize different Chinese herbal medicine and know the effect of each herbal medicine. 4 years later, I am graduated from my college. And I got a job in a Chinese medicine hospital. Young people always have a hot heart, just like me. I worked so hard during that time.

When I am 28 years old, I met my current husband. Actually, as a doctor, I don’t have much time for dating or looking for a boyfriend. However, my parents have time and they choose some “good” men for me. It is very common phenomenon in China. So In this way, I met my current husband and we start dating. At last, we got married. My husband is a businessman and he sells products to foreign countries, such as USA, Canada and Japan. For convenience of his business, we move to America.

For now, I am a housewife instead of a doctor. I share my Chinese food to my neighbor. And use my knowledge of Chinese medicine to help the people in need. In order to spread these useful information, I build this website. The articles on my website are not only about Chinese herbal remedy. I will also do a lot research and collect some local methods. At last, I hope everyone who visit my site can benefit from it. Thanks.




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