What is the Benefits of Coconut Water?

What is the Benefits of Coconut Water?

Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts About Coconut Water

Are you suffering from an ailment and you've tried a lot of commercial medicine, but the side effects are devastating? You have reason to put a smile on your face because coconut water is an all natural and side effect free alternative you can leverage.

The benefits of coconut water far outweigh most commercial medicines. Coconut water's ability to cleanse and cure urinary tract infections is well known globally.

What are the benefits of coconut water? Here is a comprehensive synopsis:

1. Maintain Your Heart health

Coconut water imparts medium-chained fatty acids (MCFA) into your body that are essential for overall good health. The medium-chained fatty acids have been found not to manifest negative effects on your cholesterols levels and greatly minimizes any opportunity for atherosclerosis that instigates thickening of artery walls causing heart disorders.

2. Maintains required sugar levels

Coconut water contains low glycaemic index, meaning it controls the release of glucose into the blood thus requiring a little insulin to maintain your glucose level consequently converting it to energy.

The low glycaemic index in coconut water assists your body to relieve unnecessary stress on enzyme structures and pancreas preventing the risk of diabetes. The low glycaemic index content will also alleviate your sugar cravings because the conversion of sugar to energy is relatively slow and this leaves you fuller for extended durations.

3. Coconut water enhances digestive system

Naturally, coconut water comprises 62% of dietary fiber which already is a good reason to consume it. Coconut water prevents stomach cramps, decrease constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The coconut flesh particularly is nondigestible meaning no calories are extracted from it. The roughness of the coconuts gets your colon scrubbed clean and later released as waste.

4. Reduces Cholesterol

People are increasingly becoming aware of heart disease and rate of cholesterol and are quickly moving to natural eating habits to trump related illnesses. Coconut water is the best regimen because it contains zero cholesterol.

Coconut water contains saturated fats which scale up HDL cholesterol (considered good cholesterol) and scales down LDL cholesterol (considered bad cholesterol).

5. Multiply Your Anti-Aging Elements

Though aging is a natural procedure and cannot be abated, coconut water can really slow down the aging process. It's a natural moisturizer that encompasses necessary emollients.

These elements contain antioxidants that fight free radicals which bring about skin wrinkles thus mitigating early aging. Coconut water is also formulated with essentials that get rid of dead cells from skin surfaces leaving the skin supple and elastic.

6. Improves Thyroid Function

Consumption of coconut water will restore and improve your thyroid functionality and enhance metabolic rate leading to weight loss and guarding against symptoms of dysfunctional thyroid. Suffice to consult your physician if you happen to be on any thyroid medication and you would like to try out coconut water regimen.

Thyroid medication plays a central role in the operation of your metabolism which is why making an appointment with your physician is handy.

7. Coconut Water Improves Sperm Count

Coconut water has been clinically proven to build high levels of sexual fluid. If you are chewing a coconut flesh, it will take you approximately 35 days from the time of chewing until absorption into the blood system, bones, lymphatic fluids to the reproductive fluid.

8. Offer Top-end Saturated Fats

Coconut water has the most stable fat imaginable. Drinking coconut water will provide you with energy that would naturally protect you from extremely cold temperatures without causing side effects on your body. Coconut water is also easily metabolized and will not overwork your heart.

9. Offers Healthy Fertility

For women, coconut water enhances the quality of breast milk that will ensure your newborn grows up healthy. The meat of the coconut is more advantageous because it's converted into breast milk after conceiving. Coconut water and its products are used by mothers before, in the course of and after pregnancy.

10. Helps in Body Hydration

Naturally, coconut water is composed of more than 60% water plus other nutritious ingredients. On consumption of coconut water, the water is naturally absorbed into the body system. Hydration leaves the skin supple, shiny and flawless.


The numerous health benefits of coconut water cannot be underestimated especially those looking for healthy and all natural solutions to their health problems. Apart from its medicinal abilities, coconut water is the ultimate thirst quencher plus it's nutritious, healthy and refreshing.

If you have any question regarding coconut water or something relevant, feel free to ask in the comment section below. If, by any chance, you are a victim of related disorder, take the following steps to remedy the situation:

• Hydrate your body every day by drinking 80-90 ounces of coconut water a day.

• Exercise daily to boost the effectiveness of coconut water

• Make sure you see your physician to advise you further on the coconut water regimen.

• If there is no sign of improvement after completing the dosage, go back to your physician for further advice.



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