When is the best time for exercise exactly?

When is the best time for exercise exactly?

Many people have a great habit- exercise everyday. But are you aware when is the best time for exercise? I heard somebody said it does harm to the body if you do exercise in the evening. Is that true or not? Should we do exercise in the morning or afternoon? So I contact three experts in different fields (Medical Science, Weather, Sports). Now I will share their opinions with

I know, for many office workers, they needed to get up early and go to work. The only spare time for them to exercise is after work. So Many people have a tendency to exercise more in the evening. However, according to the Chinese medical literature, exercise in the daytime does good for body, but exercise in the evening gets nothing but harm. So when is the best time for
exercise exactly?


Medical Expert: You can do exercise in the evening but Do Not exercise strenuously.

I contact a Chinese medical expert for her advice. She said people should do sports after the sun rises and before the sun goes down. She doesn’t think people should not do any exercise in the evening. And she advices we can do some casual sports in the evening such as walk slowly, Yoga.

Sports Expert: Different people choose different time for sports.

For most people, the best time for sports is from 8 am to 10 am or from 3 pm to 5 pm. Actually. The air quality in the evening is not much different from the daytime in the city. However, when we do sports, we need more air. Respiratory volume is several times than usual and the amount of dust inhalation will be greater, so the evening is not good for sports.

Sports expert also said do exercise in the evening will make blood concentrated in muscle tissue and bone. So it will affect the quality of sleep. However, different people have different physique, so they should choose the best time according to their own situation. Below are some best sports time for our different organs. Let’s check it out.

Cardio cerebral vessel

The best time to do sports for cardio cerebral vessel is the noon. Doctors said In the morning the weather is cold, cold air stimulation, blood vessel spasm contraction, heart will be ischemia. Don’t exercise immediately after dinner, because the stomach needs more blood to consume. At this time, the blood in other organs will be lower, if do much sports, may cause myocardial ischemia accumulation. So for cardio cerebral vessel, especially some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, noon is the best time for sports.


Respiratory system

The quality of morning air is worse than the one in the night, so evening exercise is better than in the morning. Doctors said asthma patients and heart patients should not do exercise in morning. He advices they can do some sports after dinner.


Actually you can do sports for your bone any time. You should pay more attention to advancing step by step. At first, the amount of exercise should be small, then the appropriate gradually increase, otherwise, bone joints and muscle ligaments are easy to injury. Meanwhile, because of different ages, different physical, people should choose the right sports.


Weather Expert

When the air quality is best in a day? Weather expert said air quality will be good from 8 am to 4 pm in a day. So earlier than 8 am or later than 4 pm is not good for sports. In morning, air pressure is low and the air flow is slow. There are many dust in our breathing zone. So it is a not suitable time for doing exercise in this time. In evening, automobile exhaust pollution is serious. You’d better stay at home rather than doing sports.

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