Bloodroot Salve for Skin Cancer- Ancient but Stills Work

Bloodroot Salve for Skin Cancer- Ancient but Stills Work

Bloodroot Salve for Skin Cancer- Ancient but Stills Work

Have you heard about Bloodroot Salve, a powerful herbal treatment capable of solving various cancer problems? Well, you should have because the ancient herbal treatment is now taking the internet by storm because of its undeniable power.

If you are not familiar with Bloodroot Salve and its effect on skin cancer, or you just want to know more about it, you are at the right place. Let’s take a look at this herbal extract, how it works, and of course some science backing behind its potency.

What exactly is Bloodroot Salve?

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In order to understand how it works on skin cancer, it is only wise that you first know what exactly Bloodroot Salve is. Now, Blood Root is basically a North America –native flowering plant that displays white flowers during the spring season.

But the power of this plant does not lie in its flowers but the root system, where a special chemical or plant alkaloid is stored. This herbal chemical is known as Sanguinarine, which now makes up part of Bloodroot salve. To make it more effective, this herbal treatment combines bloodroot powder together with zinc chloride to make a fine paste.

An ancient Medicine with good science grounds

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Although Bloodroot has made its way into the modern times, mostly used to reduce effects of cancer, it was used historically by the Native Americans since the mid 1850s.

During the ancient times, people used it to heal various ailments such as respiratory problems, stomach issues and removal of any superficial warts and tumours.

In relation to cancer, Bloodroot Salve became popular when a physician known as Fredric Mohs used the paste of zinc chloride and bloodroot to remove breast cancer without subjecting the patient to mastectomy.

This was undoubtedly a ground-breaking procedure that led to dermatologists using the paste to treat skin cancers and melanoma.

Established research published in Science direct, PubMed and science direct suggest that the alkaloids contained in Bloodroot are great for successful immune therapies and chemo-therapeutic regimes. As a matter of fact, there have been a number of positive effects in laboratory studies for skin, breast and prostate cancers, including other types of ailments.

​Sanguinarine, the main ingredient in bloodroot, tends to target only cancer cells, without harming the healthy ones, according to studies. One particular study published by the University Of Minnesota Medical School found out that Sanguinarine tends to block proliferation, inducing apoptosis in malignant cells. Simply put, when taken in the right manner, it could kill cancer cells even without pharmaceutical drugs.

How does Bloodroot Salve work?

Because of the immense power of the zinc chloride and bloodroot powder combination, this herbal treatment does really work. It has been successful in treating tumours, with many testimonials from real users attesting its efficacy. But you may ask – how does it work?

Cancer progresses in a rather strange way in our bodies, which is why it tends to grow quietly and unnoticed. What happens is that it is invisible to our body’s immune system as it grows, making it hard for the white blood cells to target it and kill the cells. Now this is where the Bloodroot Salve springs into action.

It delivers an effect that makes the cells visible to the immune system, allowing the white blood cells to attack. Modern form of the herbal treatment contains more ingredients other than zinc chloride and bloodroot powder for the purpose of improving its actions. It is now capable of penetrating deep into your skin and target lesions covered under the surface.

Is it safe for use?

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Yes, Bloodroot Salve is safe to use, provided you have enough information about it and you use it with respect. While it is a great treatment for small lesions on the skin as well as the entire surface, some people decide to use it for large lesions. And yes, the testimonials show that it does work for these as well. But it is advised that you get informed first before you go ahead to get the treatment.

So, how do you take Bloodroot Salve? Do you take it orally? Well, there are people online who claim to take the herbal treatment orally, but it’s not recommended. If that should be the case, then people should consider the bloodroot capsules, which contain measured doses. The right way is to apply just what is enough of the paste directly on the area (tumour, wart) which you wish to treat.

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Although some people are still sceptical about using bloodroot salve for treating skin cancer, the truth is that it does really work. It was used in the ancient times to treat various ailments and is still recommended today globally.

There are a number of research studies showing that the contents of bloodroot are helpful in killing cancer cells. In fact, lots of researches are underway to understand more about Sanguinarine in relation to treating cancer.

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