12 Healthy Benefits of Quenepas (Spanish Lime) You Should Know

12 Healthy Benefits of Quenepas (Spanish Lime) You Should Know

Some call it the honeyberry; others just call it the Spanish lime. These two terms refer to Quenepa, a small fruit almost the size of an olive, which has a soft-jelly-like consistency and hard green exterior. Now various researchers have found that this fruits has health numerous benefits to our bodies. Read on and discover how Quenepas can help you lead a healthier, more full-filling life.

1. Vitamin boost

Quenepas have been seen in a number of studies to have content rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. So, if you have not been taking your vitamins lately, it’s good that you know this: these vitamins are important for boosting your immune system.

Vitamin A goes a long way in preventing certain infections such as colds and improves your skin health. Vitamin C on the other hand helps in fighting certain eye diseases as well as prenatal care.

2. Help with intestinal problems

When you get the Quenepas, please don’t throw away the leaves. Hold on to them and make your morning cup of coffee (of course together with your regular tea) and drink.

This way you will help solve intestinal problems and aid digesting.

3. Healthy snack

These days, it’s extremely difficult to get some healthy calories for your snack. Leave the doughnut and start snacking on Quenepas.

You will be doing your body a favor by adding an incredible 58 calories. And not just any calories; the healthy ones!



4. High in fiber

As you take you low-calorie snack, you will also be ingesting high amounts of fiber. One of the major benefits of fiber is that it helps your body lower the levels of bad cholesterol and control your blood sugar.

And do you know what this means for you? A fit and healthy body!

5. A rear amino acids

Quenepas are better than turkey. They are rich in rear amino acids that our bodies find hard to produce naturally.

Known as tryptophan, the amino acid helps treat various conditions such as insomnia. So, yes, you are looking at a good night’s sleep after eating these magic fruits.

6. Bone health

Quenepas also contain moderate amounts of calcium, which helps improve your bone health as you grow older. They help you maintain the required flow of calcium, preventing other bone diseases as well. Have the fruits in your diet and you will not have to worry about age-related weakness or osteoporosis.

7. Anti-diabetic food

By providing you with the healthy calories, there’s no doubt that Quenepas can save your day if you are at a risk of diabetes. Researchers have discovered the healthy properties of this fruit on people with Type II diabetes, and currently conducting more studies to understand its mode of action when it comes to lowering the levels of blood sugar.

8. Soothes away diarrhea

You might not believe it, but yes, when crushed, or roasted, the largest seed of this fruit can be help sooth away diarrhea. All you have to do is mix it with some honey and eat it. Some people even substitute the crushed seeds for cassava flour when baking, while other make juice out of the inside contents to add some taste in their foods.

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9. Solves constipation and bloating

The Quenepas play a major role in our digestive system. Thanks to the high dietary fiber, your digestion will improve drastically. The stool will bulk up and your peristaltic movement will be greatly stimulated.

And do you know what this means? No constipation, no bloating and no cramping! Better yet, the efficiency of absorption of other nutrients will significantly improve.

10. Hormonal impact

One of the hardest minerals to get in our bodies is phosphorus. This is simply because most foods contain very small amounts of the nutrient. Now, Quenepas contain a good amount of phosphorus, a nutrient that influences the functions of various hormones in the body. It is responsible for hormonal balance, especially for menstruation and development.



11. Reduce the risk of blood pressure

There are more than a dozen ingredients in Quenepas that have been found to have a direct impact on the blood vessels and the heart.

Besides the fact that the fruit helps reduce the body’s cholesterol levels, it does wonders in preventing clogging, consequently lowering the blood pressure. Have it in your plate every day and you will dramatically reduce your risk of suffering from heart attack and stroke.

12. Stabilizes your mood

In many tropical countries, you will find that this fruit is largely recommended as a good natural remedy for mood instability and anxiety. The concentrated minerals as well as antioxidants and organic acids help the level of neural transmitters return to normal. This in turn eliminates unexplained anxiety and mood swings.


Now that you understand the many health benefits of Quenepas fruits in our bodies, it’s only wise you are aware of a few things to maximize on their benefits. Firstly, you have to wait for the fruit to ripe well before ingesting.

Some studies have shown that the fruit could contain toxins when raw.Secondly, because of the large seeds in the fruit they can be potentially hazard, especially for small kids. If you want to have your children enjoy its benefits as well, feed them just the content or the juice and not the seeds.

Thirdly, to make sure you maximize on its benefits, try eating the fruit every day, of a few times per week. Make it a habit and you will lead a healthy life.


As you can see from these benefits, there’s no doubt that Quenepas are valuable fruits to have in our plate every day. People suffering from heart diseases, those with mood swings, or those who just want to lead a healthy life can have the fruit and make their health a priority.

You can suck the inside contents, make juice out of it, add the crushed seed to your food, or simply boil the fruit’s leaves as you make your morning cup of coffee.


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