Top 14 effective Home Remedy for Kidney Infection


Top 14 effective Home Remedy for Kidney Infection

Moving to America is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made because it has allowed me to share ancient Chinese wisdom with men and women from all walks of life.

The most recent example of this concerns the treatment of kidney infections. I believe based on the unequivocal evidence that kidney infections can be removed through natural alternatives. All-in-all this has inspired me to provide you with a concise list that includes the top 14 effective home remedies for a kidney infection.

1. Cleanse the kidneys with Cilantro leaves

Cilantro leaves

Cilantro leaves have been around for thousands of years and are typically viewed as a seasoning condiment. However, recent studies show the vitamins in the leaves (vitamins a, c, and k) can be extracted in the form of a liquid and prescribed for purification purposes.

If that liquid is ingested by an individual that has an infected kidney, it can help the kidney perform its natural process (flushing out waste).

You will need:

-Cilantro leaves

-A knife

-A pot

-A heating device (a stove)

-A glass-Water


1. Cut your cilantro leaves into small pieces.

2. Put the pieces in your pot.

3. Pour enough water into the pan so that the leaves are completely submerged.

4. Turn the burner on a heat setting that allows the water to boil.

5. Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool.

6. Pour just the water into a glass and drink it.

If you have questions or concerns, you can view the video that provides a visual representation.


-Drink 1-2 glasses a day.

-Add a slice of lemon to improve the taste of the beverage.

2. Bake away the infection with baking soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is always thought of in the context of food or cooking, but that is definitely going to change because recent studies show that it can transform an acidic environment into an alkaline environment.

That is extremely helpful if you have infected kidneys because the baking soda will allow the bacteria in your body to be dramatically reduced. In other words, the baking soda will help transform your body that has a low ph to a high ph.

You will need:

-½ a teaspoon of baking soda

-Warm water

-An instrument that will allow you to stir the water.

-A glass


1. Put the baking soda in the glass.

2. Pour the warm water into the glass

3. Stir the water with your instrument.


-Drink this solution once a day and do not miss a day.

3. Climb the coconut tree for cleaner kidneys

coconut juice

We finally figured out that the juice in a coconut (coconut juice) has a ton of vitamins and minerals (vitamin B, enzyme antioxidants, organic acids, and electrolytes).

Because of that millions of men and women decided to drink the substance. The most recent discovery shows that ingesting this liquid will replenish all the vitamins and minerals that are lost from the frequent urination that is associated with infected kidneys.

You will need:

-A container that will properly hold the coconut juice.

-About 16 ounces of coconut juice


1. Pour the coconut juice in a clean glass.

2. Drink the coconut juice during the day.


-You can drink all 16 ounces at once or sip on the beverage throughout the day.

4. The secret purification juice (Aloe vera juice)


Aloe vera gel is often used for a sunburn because of its outstanding skin benefits. It seems that more people realize that aloe vera can, in fact, help more than just external troubles because anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antimicrobial characteristics are intertwined in the substance.

These factors aid in kidney recovery because they contribute to making the body remove bacteria. Overall that allows white blood cells in the body to maintain control once again.

You will need:

-¼ cup of aloe vera juice

-A container to hold the liquid


1. Measure out ¼ of a cup.

2. Pour the liquid into the container and drink it.


-Drink the liquid only once a day.

5. Green tea is the key to stopping kidney infection


Kuwait University showed that green tea could, in fact, increase the body's natural antioxidant defense system, restructure free radicals, and prevent toxicity in the body.

All of those factors contribute to excellent kidney health, which is why the beverage is given the most praise when it comes to removing an infection in the kidneys.

The more modern evidence also shows that the tea can prevent proper blood flow, which is essential to the longevity of the kidneys.

You will need:

-2-3 cups of green tea

-A cup


1. Pour the tea into your cup

2. Drink the tea

Watch the video below for a visual representation of Green teas transformative abilities on the kidneys.


-You should not drink more than 3 cups of green tea per day.

6. Give your kidneys a bath with cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is recognized for its high antioxidant levels. That is a good attribute of the juice, but the big picture is that the juice can transform the ph of the body from a low acidic number (1-5) to an alkaline number (7 and greater). All-in-all this allows the bacteria in the body to be appropriately combated.


You will need:

-8 to 10 ounces of cranberry juice

-A glass


1. Measure out the cranberry juice (use no more than 10 ounces)

2. Pour it into the glass and drink it.

7. Combat the infected kidneys with raw cucumber

Cucumber has been recognized as one of the most cultivated vegetables for quite some time, but the effects that it has on kidney disease are just now being recognized.

This realization was made because individuals saw that the patient population that suffered from kidney disease was dying from heart disease. That disease was linked to extremely high cholesterol levels, which are combatted by consuming one of the most beneficial vegetables (the cucumber).


You will need:

-A knife

-1 cucumber


1. Cut the cucumber in slices

2. Put the cucumber in a container

3. Eat the cucumber


-It is best to eat an entire day's worth of calories and then finish off the day with one cucumber.

8. The infected kidneys favorite juice (orange juice)

orange juice

One serving of orange juice (86 grams) has nearly two-thirds of a person daily amount of vitamin C in it. This might as well make the saying “an orange a day keeps the doctor away” because that much vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system.

A healthy immune system is crucial if you have infected kidneys because it can encourage each kidney to fight off bacteria. In addition, the kidneys will begin to respond normally over time.

You will need:

-1 orange-a glass to hold the juice

-A container that will hold the juice during the juicing process


1. Collect all the juice from the orange

2. Pour it into a glass


-Too much vitamin C can be counterproductive so consume the juice from 1 orange a day.

9. Turmeric=A good night's rest for the infected kidney


Turmeric has been shown to help with three major kidney problems. First, consuming turmeric helps the food digest better, which puts less stress on the kidneys.

Secondly, turmeric produces a calming effect on the majority of people who consume it, which makes blood pressure decrease. Lastly, turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, so it reduces the excessive amounts of inflammation in the infected kidney.

You will need:

-400-600 mg of ground turmeric


1. Put your ground turmeric in some edible substance and eat it.

10. The infected kidneys savior (bearberry)


Inflammation leads to the kidneys natural process being infringed upon. This essentially causes the headaches, foamy urine, itching, extreme fatigue, and other negative side effects to occur rather quickly.

Upon consuming this substance, the inflammation in the kidneys is corrected. This rids the body of waste and promotes longevity of the body's vital organs.

You will need:

-5 ml of the berries substance

-a glass to hold the substance


1. Put the berries substance in a glass

2. Drink the substance

11. Corn silk - Protects the corn and those infected kidneys

Corn silk is recognized for helping inflammation, kidney stones, bedwetting, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. Virtually all of those symptoms are linked to kidney infections.

This explains why men and women from across the globe are using the substance for both corn and themselves.

Corn silk

You will need:

-Corn silk-water (enough to submerge all the cornsilk)

-A glass that will hold the water and corn silk


1. Put the corn silk in the bottom of the glass

2. Pour the water into the glass until the corn silk is completely submerged.

3. Let the water soak for about 10 minutes

4. Drink the water

12. Celery seed - The seed that works for the Kidney

Celery seed has been shown to help control high blood pressure, decrease fluid retention, normalize blood circulation. All three of those aspects make up the majority of problems for those that have a kidney infection.

Celery seed

In fact, high cholesterol has been associated with the worst level of kidney infection. This explains why this treatment garners a lot of attention.

You will need:

-75-150 mg of celery seed

-8 to 10 ounces of water.

-A glass


1. Put the celery seed in the cup

2. Add the water

3. Drink the solution


-individuals report that the process takes some time to get used to so the drinking of the solution can be done throughout the day.

13. Juniper berries the kidneys preferred diuretic


Juniper comes in the form of ointments, capsules, teas, and lotions, which makes it one of the most convenient treatments. When one consumes the particular type of berry, the entirety of the body is given messages to secrete all infection.

Once this occurs the body can expel all impurities. Once that is done, the kidneys are much cleaner and healthier. This allows a kidney infection to go away at a very rapid pace.

You will need:

-juniper (is one of the previously mentioned forms)


1. Use each form every day.


The toxicity of the berries can be rather great so make sure to eat something before or after you consume the substance.

14. The kidney oil (thyme oil)

thyme oil

Thyme oil is recognized for being a cure-all. It helps with coughs, involuntary spasms, hysterical attacks, body aches, and most importantly of all bacteria in the body.

The antibacterial aspect of this treatment is what promotes its use for kidney infections. A purified system leads to the body attempting to return to normal. Essentially this means functioning kidneys.

You will need:

-Five drops of thyme oil


1. put the drops on the chest or neck before bed

2. Sleep with your blanket below your neck or chest.


-The treatment only works if the fragrances from the oil are inhaled for a prolonged period of time.


I provided you with this list because I am a firm believer in the principle of generativity. That principle simply states that the goal in life to help the next generation.

If you choose to share this article, you will be able to reinforce that principle and live up to your potential. Please feel free to comment below and tell me your positive or negative results. Remember I am here to help as many people as I can.


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