How to Get a Tan Fast – 8 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

How to Get a Tan Fast

How to Get a Tan Fast – 8 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Many people often ask if it’s possible to get a real tan, just like the Scandinavians and celebrities. Well, yes, it’s very much possible provided you do it right. A tan tends to add a warm glow on your skin, masking all your blemishes so that you can stand out on those colorful clothes. But how do you do it? Is it something complicated or unsafe?

Here are some helpful tips on how to get a tan for those who wish to parade around with dazzling golden skin.

1. Hydrate your skin


That’s right. Skin that is well hydrated tends to tan better compared to dry, dusty skin. As a bonus, exfoliate your skin every time you go to the bathroom, removing dead and dry cells. Here’s what you need to do:

You will need...

  • A basin of warm water/warm shower
  • Exfoliating soap
  • A rough cloth or loofah
  • Lotion with sodium PCA
  • Sunscreen


Every time you hit the shower, take a rough cloth or loofah and exfoliate dry, dead cells by simply scrubbing them away. Use an exfoliating soap for good results. Moisturize your skin using lotion that contains sodium PCA. This way you skin will attract moisture from the atmosphere to maintain a healthy epidermis.

Now, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your skin. Do this regularly and you will soon note your skin tanning.


When using the sunscreen, it is advised that you go for one with a high SPF rating if you have a light skin. But in general keep the rating at a minimum of 15. Also, if you are going to spend lots of time in water ensure that your sunscreen is waterproof; otherwise reapply the minute you are out of the water.

2. Always use sun protection when outside


When you want to get a tan, please note that burning is one of your biggest enemies. Spending lots of time in scorching sun will not do you any good.

Most of the times, your skin will dry out and get damaged, with most of the parts flaking off. Get a good sunscreen or avoid spending long hours in direct sunlight altogether. You will thank me later!

3. Wear a hat and shades


The skin around the eyes is delicate when exposed to a lot of sun. This is the same case with our eyes. As you tan, you will want to achieve an even complexion and not develop conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration in the process.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. When trekking outdoors, do not forget about carrying your hat as well. This one protects your scalp, nose, forehead, ears and eyes, allowing you to have a beautiful tan without having some parts burnt.

4. Know your tanning time

tanning time

According to physicians, your skin starts tanning the moment it can’t produce more melanin, which is basically the tanning pigment in our body. This means that it is pointless for you to lounge by your pool all day thinking that you will wake up with a tanned skin, nope!

Understand that every person has his or her own melanin cut-off, which can range from a two to three hours for those with fair skin. After this time you will be doing nothing less than risking skin damage.

5. Give your skin some rest


Always remember this: melanin production in your body or tanning doesn’t happy all day just like I mentioned earlier, so do not overstress yourself until you can see the golden color develop.

When you apply your preferred method, allow your skin to rest for maximum results. Sit indoors if you must. Take a rest in shade to avoid a lot of UV rays.

This will help you get the tan you are crazily after quicker. I can assure you that by evening, you’ll be browner compared to the time in your training.

6. Get a tan accelerator

Can’t wait to get that pale, golden skin? Well, it doesn’t hurt to cheat – just a little! This is where you get a kick-start. There are many tan accelerators out there, so start by choosing one that’s safe for you.

If you are tanning by spending a few hours in the sun, go ahead and apply it over the SPF cream. Doing it on a sun bed? Apply the tan accelerator before using it. Some of the recommended products include Gold Carrot Sun, Coconut and Papaya tan accelerators.

7. Take beta-carotene supplements

You need to feed your skin with the right vitamins and nutrients. To achieve good results when tanning, it is recommended that you take 25g beta-caretone supplement every day.

But do not take this as an excuse that you need to use less sunscreen just because it contains this mineral, no. The supplement basically boosts your natural defense against any UV rays. This improves your skin’s ability to tan.

8. Don’t forget about sun-friendly foods


There are a number of foods that are well known to increase our skin’s own SPF – lycopene. This component is an antioxidant mostly found in orange and red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes.

According to studies, these foods are capable of boosting our sun protection by an incredible 33%. So, get on and have tomato paste, dark chocolate and caffeine. Have more foods with antioxidants if you can.


Many people feel than a tan makes them appear attractive, more radiant and healthier. Well, no one can argue that a pale, golden skin looks attractive. But to get that tan is not an easy job at all. Some celebrities have tried but ended up hurting their bodies. It is extremely important that you are careful during this time, because one mistake like sunburn can lead to unwanted consequences.

These tips have been proven to work, and they will certainly work on you provided you do as expected. Do not forget to eat right and exercise to maximize your results. Share this article to help other people like you who want to look stunning.

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