How to Get Dimples Naturally – Practical Methods

How to Get Dimples Naturally

How to Get Dimples Naturally – Practical Methods

There’s something about dimples that makes people look irresistibly cute. Celebrities with adorable dimples have always stolen people’s hearts every time they grace fashion and lifestyle magazines, showing off their well curved faces.

If you want to get dimples and add charm and character to your already beautiful face, you don’t have to settle for expensive cosmetic surgery or painful piercing. What if I told you there are natural ways you can get those dimples? That’s right.

Here are top proven ways to get dimples naturally:

1. Puck and Suck

This is a great remedy that exercises your cheek muscles, putting them in a perfect position to appear as if you have dimples. The correct way to do it is first make a face to appear as if you just ate a sour fruit.

While you do this ensure that your lips are in the pout and closed, and the teeth clenched together. Indent your cheeks inward, roughly halfway inside (between the top and the back of the mouth). Practice this for several months and see the changes. It works!


To make this process even simpler, try taking something sour. This helps you get the correct facial expression. If not possible, try imagining that you have just taken a lemon or something else that’s strongly bitter.

2. Apply makeup


You wonder how, right? Well, it’s simple – you can apply the right kind of make up and make dimples naturally. This works best for people with very small creases on their cheeks as they can easily turn them into visible dimples.

You will need...

  • A mirror
  • Eye pencil
  • An eye shadow
  • A make up brush


Firstly, stand in front of the mirrors and make a smile. Mark the exact positions where you want your dimples with the eye pencil. This should be right at the areas with a natural crease. You have the dots, right?

Now draw a small curve mark using the same pencil, extending the line to around 1 inch below that point you had previously marked. Use an eye shadow until you get a dimple effect. If this is difficult, you may want to use a beautician or a friend who is a perfectionist.


When marking with the eye pencil, you will want to use a dark brown pencil so that it blends naturally with your skin. Avoid black or colored liner. Also, ensure the dimples you create are over above the cheeks, so cross check their position using a mirror. Run the lines and then redraw whenever necessary.

3. Diet


I know this remedy might be surprising to many, but yes, it plays a major role to getting dimples. According to various studies, underweight and overweight may make your dimples, no matter how small they are, to disappear.

If you want to get them visible, eat a healthy diet, either to lose or gain weight. Limit junk, processed foods and sugars in your plate, and include more of fruits, plant proteins, vegetables and lean meats.

And do not forget to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Although this might take longer, it does work wonders!

4. Press your cheeks with Index Fingers

This is a popular method that works great to get dimples. However, it should be noted that the results are not long term, but temporary. So keep your smartphone ready to take a selfie once the indentation is visible. Here’s what to do:


Press your index fingers directly on your cheeks, making sure that you press right on the spot where dimples normally occur. Continue pressing on that spot for about 5 minutes, and then release the fingers before putting on a big smile. Repeat the exercise for up to 20 minutes daily.

5. Smile Wide

Creating dimples is all about exercising the muscles, and smiling does this perfectly. Always keep smiling wide even when there’s nothing to smile about.

When you do this, your cheek muscles shift with the corners of your lips, moving towards your ears. This helps create creases that appear as dimples. To get better results, do this exercise regularly.

6. Smile and reposition

This method may look strikingly similar to the smiling one, but it’s quite different. Rather than just putting on a wide smile, this time you do something more – you reposition your fingers whenever necessary.

Firstly, facilitate your expression and put on a wide smile, keeping your fingers still. Alternate them to exactly the same spot on your face.

As you do this, ensure that you keep the smile wide and stunned because dimples tend to come up when you genuinely smile widely. Check yourself on the mirror so that you are sure you aren’t making any mistake.

7. Use a pen

Grab your pen and keep it close because it will come in handy to making those adorable dimples you want so bad. Just like we learnt with the use of index fingers, a pen can be used to apply pressure on the cheeks to create natural dimples. So, here’s what to do:

You will need...

  • A mirror
  • Two pens


This one is pretty simple. Just stand in front of the mirror and smile wide to expose the areas with creases. Take your two pens and press against the creases on your cheek muscles.

Continue pressing for around 5 minutes and the release. Repeat this several times daily.


Instead of pressing the cheek muscles at the same time, you could also use one pen to press at regular intervals. Just make sure you don’t use the sharpened part otherwise you will cause more harm than good to your cheeks.


If you want to get dimples naturally, I recommend that you try these methods. Except the make up one, all others tend to have a direct impact on the cheek muscles, creating dimples.

To achieve your desired results in a short time, why don’t you apply all the methods that you are comfortable with? It is however good to note that none of these methods will give you permanent results, so keep on trying to keep those adorable dimples on your face.

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