How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor and Smell Good Again

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor and Smell Good Again

Vaginal odor is a common problem for young women who have reached puberty all the way to grandmas who are dealing with menopause. It is always best to seek the advice of your physician if you suspect a serious problem such as bacterial vaginosis or a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

For more common and less dangerous conditions try these 9 easy remedies to get rid of vaginal odor.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil is used as a topical ointment with a strong odor of camphor. You find tea tree oil in many facial, hair and skin products to heal acne, scalp problems and other skin conditions. Tea tree oil is highly toxic if taken orally.

Tea tree oil is a strong antifungal that makes it a very effective antiseptic.

You will need:

  • Tea tree oil
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 tampon
  • Olive oil (enough to dip the tampon)


  • Put 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil in 1 cup of warm water
  • Pour over the vaginal area.
  • An alternative method is to dip a tampon into olive oil and apply 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil. Insert the tampon and leave in for about an hour.
  • Wash with the oil and water mixture daily or at least several times per week. Substitute the tampon method if you prefer.


Tea tree oil should be tested on a small patch of skin before use. Some people have experienced allergic reactions.

2. Boric Acid

One of the best treatments for itching that is most always accompanied by odor is boric acid. A healthy vagina has a balanced pH (acidity) level; however, semen and menstrual blood can cause an imbalance in pH levels.

Since boric acid is mildly acidic and antiseptic it does a good job of maintaining the proper pH level and kills bacteria in the vagina.

You will need:

  • Size 00 gelatin capsules
  • Boric acid


  • Fill the gelatin capsules with the boric acid.
  • Insert a capsule into the vagina to remain overnight.
  • Store the capsules in a cool, dry place.


This procedure works well as a preventative treatment. You may use the capsules once per week in order to keep your vagina at the proper pH balance.


  • Never take boric acid by mouth as it is highly toxic.
  • Discontinue use if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.
  • Boric acid may cause skin irritation.

3. Neem Leaves

Neem, also called Indian lilac, is equally effective for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

You will need:

  • A handful of neem
  • Enough water to make a paste
  • A pan large enough to hold the leaves


  • Preheat the pan on top of the stove or in the oven.
  • Add the neem leaves to the pan and dry roast for approximately three minutes.
  • Take the pan from the heat and allow the leaves to cool down.
  • Crush the cooled leaves into a fine powder.
  • Add a little water to 2 tsp of the powder to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to your vagina and the surrounding area.
  • Do this twice a day.


You can also apply neem leaves to the armpit to control odor.

4. Gooseberry (Amla)

These cute little green berries when eaten every day may prove to be the only thing you need to control your vaginal environment. They work to eliminate any bacteria and fungus that cause vaginal odors.

Gooseberry is one of the best sources of vitamin C which makes it effective against infection including vaginal discharge. It is also an excellent blood purifier.

You will need:

  • Gooseberry
  • Gooseberry juice
  • Gooseberry powder


  • Chew a few Indian gooseberries every day or
  • Drink a glass of Gooseberry juice or
  • Mix gooseberry powder in a glass of water and drink

5. Turmeric


A natural and inexpensive remedy for vaginal odor is turmeric. Turmeric is an herb that is highly effective in fighting bacteria. Eastern medicine has been aware of the anti-microbial (destructive to or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms) and anti-inflammatory (reduces the signs of inflammation such as swelling, tenderness, pain and fever) of turmeric for centuries.

An added benefit of turmeric is its ability to help you sleep soundly at night.

You will need...

  • Turmeric powder
  • Milk


  • Mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder in a warm glass of milk.
  • Drink right before going to bed.

How to make spiced turmeric milk at home.



Black pepper

Cinnamon stick

Cardamom pod

Coconut oil



1. Pour a glass of milk into pot and turn on heat.

2. ​Add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder.

3. ​Add ¼ teaspoon of powdered black pepper.

4. ​Add crushed cardamom pod seeds to mixture.

5. ​Add ½ teaspoon of virgin coconut oil and small cinnamon stick.

​6. Bring the solution to a boil, then let it simmer for a few minutes.

7. ​Strain it. And Sweeten with a little honey.

6. Yogurt


Yogurt contains probiotics (good bacteria) that aids digestion and reverses yeast infection, a major cause of vaginal odor. When you eat just one serving of yogurt per day you are using the simplest and most effective plan to eliminate vaginal odor and maintain a healthy environment in your intestinal tract.

Two topical methods for using yogurt to get rid of vaginal odor are:

1. Place a cup of yogurt in your warm bath. Rinse with the bath water.

2. A more direct approach is to dip a tampon into a cup of yogurt. Insert it and let it stay in overnight. Rinse the area thoroughly after removing the tampon.


Use only unsweetened, unflavored yogurt.


Do not use yogurt if you are allergic to dairy products.

7. Create Your Own Personal Hygiene Cleanser

The only way to be sure exactly what's in your personal hygiene products is to create your own. The cleanser you create will eliminate vaginal odor with natural ingredients.

For example, green tea is a natural ant-fungal and anti-bacterial product that is effective against vaginal odor.

You will need...

  • Green tea leaves
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Strainer


  • Boil the green tea.
  • Let the tea cool.
  • Strain the mixture.
  • Pour the tea over the vaginal area twice per day.

8. Garlic


Despite its own pungent odor, garlic is an effective herb used to get rid of vaginal odor. Garlic has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are perfect ingredients for getting rid of two main causes of feminine odor—bacteria and yeast.

4 Ways to Use Garlic for Vaginal Odor Removal

1. Chew 1-2 raw garlic cloves with a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

2. Insert a peeled clove of garlic into your vagina and leave for 2 hours. Wash or take a bath after removing the garlic clove. Do this at least once a week to get rid of vaginal odor.

3. Include garlic in your greens and dips.

4. Make a garlic paste by crushing some garlic cloves with water. Apply the paste to your vagina and leave on for at least 10 minutes. Wash or have a bath.

9. Add leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet.

What you eat and drink can positively or negatively affect your vaginal health. Eating more green leafy vegetables and fresh citrus fruits can lessen the occurrence of bad odor. Avoid spicy and starchy foods, caffeine and alcohol as they tend to increase vaginal yeast.


Was this information helpful to you? I wrote it to help my daughter and granddaughter know what to do when feminine odor becomes a problem for them just as it does for all women. Please feel free to pass it on to those you love.

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