How to Grow Taller Faster – Top 7 Actionable Tips


How to Grow Taller Faster – Top 7 Actionable Tips

Do you want to grow taller? Is it even possible? Well, you are not the only one seeking answers to these questions. There are many people out there who wish they could get a remedy that can help them grow a few inches taller. Maybe they want to grow their self confidence, be as tall as their friends, or just be able to reach things without having to climb onto a stool. Whatever’s the case with you, the good news is that it’s possible.

In order to understand various tips that can make you taller, it’s only wise that we look at a few factors that tend to affect your height.

Genetic Factors

In some cases, height is purely controlled by genetic factors.

However, if your parents were of average height or short, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will suffer the same fate, no.

According to experts, height is basically a polygenic trait, which means you can be taller than your siblings or the other way round.

Non-Genetic Factors

Now this is where most of us are. Many people tend to suffer stagnant growth because of non-genetic factors, most of which are determined by our environment.

Some of them include low birth weight, quality of postnatal or prenatal care, nutrition and illness during puberty and childhood.

The good news is that, if you are shorter due to these factors, you can reverse it and achieve your standard height.

So, Here’s How to Grow Taller

1. Eat healthy

There’s a good reason why I chose to start with healthy eating as my first point, and it’s simple. A healthy diet is one of the most essential things if you wish to support proper growth. Please know this: in order for your bones to grow, you need to have a balanced diet, ingesting all nutrients. Here are crucial diets that you should never leave out in your plate.

  • Enough vitamin D – This is an important nutrient for the healthy growth of the bones. Ensure you get enough of vitamin D from adequate exposure of sunlight, or from foods such as tofu, pork, eggs and fish.
  • Calcium – Intake of this nutrient is equally important when it comes to bone development. Consider including in your plate foods such as green vegetables, cheese, sardines, soybeans and dairy products.
  • Zinc- I can bet that many people aren’t sure if they are having enough zinc or not. Well, according to nutritionist, sufficient zinc can also promote healthy development. I am talking about foods such as oysters, chocolate, eggs, asparagus and peas. If you have kids, or looking to have a one soon, do not neglect this mineral and you will not regret it!
  • Don’t forget other nutrients as well- Apart from these mentioned, other nutrients also play a major role in the general development of cells. You’ll need sufficient amounts of carbs to energize your cells, and proteins to provide your muscles with building blocks needed to grow. If you cannot find foods rich in these nutrients, be sure to take supplements.

2. Get enough sleep


Now, this brings us to the next point – getting enough sleep. Have you heard that the more sleep infants get, the faster they grow? That’s right. Even in adults, you promote growth when you have a good night’s sleep. Get enough sleeping hours, which can range between 6 and 8 hours to the very least. So what does sleep do?

Firstly, when you are resting, the body regenerates tissue. The brain releases Human Growth Hormone, which contributes hugely to our growth. Ensure that you clear any distractions every time you retire to bed.

3. Practice good posture

It may sound crazy, but yes, creating a certain posture can make you taller, straightening your bones. Some people have a bad posture, especially when working behind a computer or sitting down. Over time, such habits cause our spinal cord to start bending, suppressing the normal height.

This, in the end, makes you even shorter that you are. A good posture, on the other hand, aligns your head with your neck, not to mention straighten your spine. Do this more often and you will add several inches and bring your true height. Sit up when working; walk straight up when on the road; and avoid excessive use of handheld gadgets.

4. Engage in regular exercise and sports

Do you know that engaging in your favourite sports could actually make you taller? This has been said by experts and proven by a number of studies. According to experts, teens and children are encouraged to be active in physical activities to promote growth. Don’t shy away if you are over 18 years just yet, it’s still possible to add a few inches by conducting certain exercise. Here are some to keep in mind:



This is a full body workout that has been linked to contribute to growth and development. The exercise elongates the muscles, helping you reach your adequate height.

toe touching

Toe touching

To get a taller frame, try bending over in order to touch your toes. This elongates your spine, and when done regularly, can work tremendously to improve your height.

hanging exercise

Hanging exercise

Go ahead and hang from a bar, stretching out your arms over the head. This, according to experts, instigates a slight increase in your height. To achieve this better, ensure that you stay in that position for around 10 seconds, and then repeat the whole thing all over again.

super stretch

The super stretch

I cannot promise you that you will grow very tall with this exercise, but you will gain a few inches to your frame. The super stretch involves standing upright and then stretching your hands over your head as far as possible. When you are done, lean back slightly to the point that you can feel a part of the lower spine stretching as well.

rope jumping

Rope Jumping

This is a great way to grow taller simply because it’s fun for many. When you skip a rope, the body remains erect and at the same time stretching the spine and the back. When you bend your knees, your calves on the other hand expand vertically. This helps add your bone mass, especially in your lower legs.

5. Drink lots of water

Drinking gallons of water will not make you a towering giant or taller than your tall friends, but you will certainly add a few inches to your frame. In order to support full growth, our bodies need to have sufficient amount of fluids, and drinking lots of water can help you achieve this. Better still, you get more than just the few inches – you improve your digestion and metabolism and slush out toxins efficiently.

Take a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. Eat more water-based greens and fruits, such as cucumbers and watermelons.

6. Use “Grow taller” supplements

Some do work, some don’t. If you are lucky and get one that does really live to its promises, you will realize a few inches in growth. But how do you know the right ones?

Well, in most cases, the supplements you will get should have one or more of the nutrients I spoke about above. However, those with a combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will tend to work better when it comes to promoting growth. Do background research first just to be on the safe side.

7. Dress for height

Yes, all my tips are focused on the actual growth to make you taller, but it wouldn’t hurt getting to know a tip that will actually create a height illusion.

The trick here is to manipulate your dressing and accessorizing. There are dresses with lines that tend to make you taller, and there are the wider once that make you shorter. Wear long shoes such as boots and heels.


Some people believe that it’s practically impossible to grow taller than they are meant to be. While in some cases, where the condition is genetic, it could be true; in other instances it’s actually possible to add a few inches to your frame. As you can see, I have provided 7 useful tips, all of which I have conducted thorough research on to attest if they work or not. You wouldn’t know if one could help you without trying it out, so do not hesitate.

As a general rule of thumb, eat right and engage in exercises to improve the growth and development of your cells. Go ahead and share this post to enlighten others as well. Comment and asks any questions below and I will get in touch.


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