How to Make Sassy Water For Losing Belly Fat


How to Make Sassy Water For Losing Belly Fat

Have you heard about Sassy water, one of the best diets for losing belly fat? If you have tried to get rid of the extra fat in your belly to no vain, it’s time you listen to me very carefully, because I am going to show you how to make a magic portion to get fit again.

Sassy water is the works of a nutritionist and Author known as Cynthia Sass. She invented this diet and promised people to realize close to 2 pounds of fat loss per week! That’s right – inches and inches of fat in your midsection will shrink if you take Sassy water.

But how do you prepare this fat-buster? What do you need? Is it for you? Here is a detailed guide to these questions.

How to Make Sassy Water

What you need

  • 12 small, fresh mint leaves
  • 8 fresh lemon leaves
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 Lemons
  • 1 lime
  • 2 thinly sliced tangerines or mandarins
  • 8 cups of fresh water
  • A large jug


  • Step 1: Start by washing all the citrus fruits and then slice them into thin pieces. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that every fruit you use is fresh and juicy.
  • Step 2: Take a large jug or pitcher and pour the 8 cups of water. Add all your plant ingredients, tearing the leaves a little so that the flavor can be felt.
  • Step 3: You have your solution, right? Great. Now cover the jug/pitcher and place it in your fridge. Leave it there overnight so that the flavors can infuse perfectly. You now have you sassy water. Pretty simple to make, right?

You have done a great job preparing your sassy water. Now it’s only wise that you take the right amounts to maximize your belly fat loss. According to Cynthia, you are required to start drinking the water the day after refrigeration. Consume it during the day, from morning hours to evening.

However, ensure that you drink the water about 30 minutes before you take any meal. Also, to maximize the benefits, take the water whenever you feel thirsty. This will improve the mode of action and you will be adorning in your sexy clothes in no time!

Diet Basics for Sassy Water

The very first few days of taking this magic portion are solely focused on helping your body get rid of abdominal bloat, as well as water retention that could otherwise be making you fat and puffy.


To make a considerable impact, do not forget to follow your dietary guidelines – eating monosaturated fats such as flaxseed oil and sunflower seeds; whole grains and vegetables. Take a short walk after taking the water in order to facilitate digestion.


As you very well know, you are supposed to take about 8 glasses of water, which amounts to about 2 liters, per day. Now, you can replace that water with Sassy water and enjoy it as refreshment, while meeting your daily water intake. This will slowly become a habit and you will enjoy the results better.

Benefits of Sassy Water

health benefits
  • Lemon/ Lemon Leaves – This is perfect weight-buster used as a remedy by many people. The contents of lemon work as natural diuretics, providing a proper PH balance.
  • Cucumber – This is basically a nutritive diuretic. Scientists say that cucumber contains ere spin and digestive enzymes, both of which are useful enzymes for kidney function responsible for burning fat through our urine. It is also said that this function has essential significance when it comes to weight loss in general.
  • Mint- Mint has an effect of calming our stomachs, not to mention improve digestion. Some researchers have also found out that it’s good for the nervous system, especially when you inhale the relaxing aroma.
  • Ginger- This happens to be one of the best ingredients in Sassy water. It conveys numerous health benefits and tastes and smells marvelously. In regards to the stomach, it calms down the gastrointestinal tract, a reason why it has also been see to be a good cancer fighter.

Is Sassy Water good for you?

sassy water

The good thing about Sassy water is that it is made purely of natural ingredients; no chemicals and no additives. This simply means you do not expect to suffer from severe side effects. You body will eliminate toxins and rehydrate.

You will also lose a considerable chunk of fat from your fat belly. Some real users also claim that the wrinkles disappeared when they continued drinking the water.


Sassy water is indeed a magic portion to help you lose belly fat. Many have used it and satisfied with its effectiveness. Don’t worry if you have been hitting the gym, taking morning jogs and nothing much seems to happen with your fat. Add Sassy water to your diet, taking it as recommended and thank yourself laer!


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