Warning! These 6 Bad Habits will do Harm to Your Health

Warning! These 6 Bad Habits will do Harm to Your Health

Actually, many slight illness of our body are caused from some bad habits from our daily life. You may get some disease risks inadvertently. So today, I wil share 6 bad habits which will cause some slight illness. You may read this article to protect you or your family from getting these slight illness.


1. Mattress that not washing as often may cause Allergy

Many people often wash their sheet and pillowcase, but they don’t wash their Mattress. They may ignore it. However, according to the opinions of experts, the mattress have many bad things such as different allergen, Dust mites and pet dander which will cause allergy or even cause some skin disease such as pruritus and eczema. So you better clean your mattress in every 3 months. You can use soap and clean water to clean it.

Tip: Change the front and rear positions of the mattress in every 6 months.

Barefoot walking

2. Barefoot walking easily causes Diarrhea in the morning

I want to regard our feet as our second brain. Nowadys, more and more young people are barefoot walking on the floor in the morning bacause of their busy work. Actually, it will also cause some slight illness such as Diarrhea. And it really do harm to your stomach. So I advice you can wear a pair of soft, flat slippers. Don’t do barefoot walking any more especially in the cold day.

Uncleaned toothbrush

3. Uncleaned toothbrush will cause colds

We use the toothbrush 2~3 times a day. So it is important for us to make sure that it is clean. If you often use uncleaned toothbrush, it may have more risk to get bad breath, toothache and even some viral influenza and gastrointestinal disorders.

Research shows that if you don’t clean you toothbrush, it will has bacterial after 15 days. So it is necessary for you to clean your toothbrush every night using the clean water.

Tight pants

4. Tight pants lead to chest tightness

Nowadays, many young people like to wear tight pants in order to highlight the perfect curve of their body. However, according to the opinions of the expert, if you wear too tight cloths or pants, it will easily cause bloating or abdominal pain. To be worse, it will make acid reflux, stimulate the esophagus, and causing chest pain. So I suggest you to wear some loose-fitting clothing. Don’t wear tights too often.

smae shoes

5. Often wear a same shoes will cause Pedis

Like our other body parts, our feet also will sweat. So when we wear our shoes for one day, our shoes are not dry any more. It need at least 24 hours to be dry again. If you always wear the same shoes, it will place your feet in moist environment. In this condition, it is easier to breed bacteria and cause Pedis. So i advice you to prepare 2~3 pairs of shoes and rotating through them. When we got home, wear slippers.

Do not blink

6. Do not blink in long time will cause Dry eyes

Many people don’t blink or forget to blink when they are reading books or do some works in a computers. These people are often students, office workers and drivers. However, it is a bad habbit. Blink will help our eyes to stay wet. So if you are these people, you should pay more attention on it.

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