What Cause Cancer and How to Cure, Prevent


What Cause Cancer and How to Cure, Prevent

When we look around, we are told of different types of cancer and the possible treatments. However, have you ever posed and asked what the root cause of cancer is, and why it has been kept a secret?

Do you know how helpless it feels when you are treating cancer, without the full knowledge of its cause? Hopefully, your search will end here since I have been working tirelessly to find answers to this disease.

Today I want to go into these details so as to provide a clear understanding of this terminal disease.

What Causes Cancer?

One of the biggest discoveries in relation to the cause of cancer was made by Dr. Warburg. He established that too much acidity in the body is solely responsible for cancer. This means that the body has a pH level that is below 7.365, which is the normal level.

He continued to state that the healthy tissues in our bodies are alkaline, while cancerous tissues are acidic. Additionally, Dr. Warburg also established that oxygen deficiency is the root cause of cancer.

When he investigated, he discovered that all types of cancer were characterized by hypoxia, which means lack of oxygen and acidosis. All healthy cell need oxygen, but cancerous cells live without oxygen. When a cell is deprived of 35% of oxygen, it becomes cancerous in 48 hours.

Cells Affected By Cancer

Having established that any cell that lacks oxygen and is acidic becomes cancerous, it is important to let you know that cancer can affect almost any organ in your body. We have analyzed some of the common areas that cancer affects. Here are the details.

  • Cancer of the uterus 2.5%
  • Bladder cancer 3%
  • Colon and Rectum cancer 9%
  • Lung Cancer 13%
  • Breast Cancer 13%
  • Prostate Cancer 24%

What are the Common Symptoms?

I have established that cancer does not have particular symptoms that you can look out for. As such, I would highly recommend going for regular cancer screening so as to be safe and possibly detect it early. That being said, here are some common symptoms:

  • Prolonged diarrhea, constipation and change in the size of your stool may indicate colon cancer.
  • Change in your urinating frequency, pain while urinating or blood in your urine may be a sign of prostate or bladder cancer.
  • A sore in the mouth that does not seem to go away may be a symptom of oral cancer.
  • Blood in your phlegm or sputum can be a sign of lung cancer.
  • Bloody discharge from the nipples count show breast cancer.

How Does Cancer Spread?

When some of the symptoms I have highlighted above start appearing in different parts of the body, this may mean that the cancer is spreading. When cancer advances, it will start to affect the other organs that surround the affected cells.

Dr. Warburg’s theory states that cancer will spread faster in an acidic environment. This is where the level of carbon dioxide is elevated. As long as a cell has sufficient supply of oxygen, then it cannot be affected by cancer.

How to Cure Cancer?

If cancer is detected early, there is a very high possibility in successful treatment. In most cases, cancer is treated through radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. Often, the three methods will be combined to ensure success.

Radiotherapy is used to treat solid tumors caused by cancers of the breast, brain, larynx, prostate or uterus, among others. Chemotherapy is common for cells that are dividing in a rapid manner, and targets to kill cancerous cells.

There are a number of contemporary methods that have been unearthed, which help in reinforcing the immunity system. The use of interferon and cytokines will help in inducing the immune response. Morphine and oxycodone are some of the pain killers used by cancer patients.

For those who suffer from bladder cancer, the use of intravesical BCG immunotherapy is applied to enhance the immune response.

Prevention of Cancer

With the proper guidance, you can prevent cancer from affecting your body. There are vaccines that have been developed to help in preventing cancer. You should understand your diet properly and check on your lifestyle so as to keep cancer at a bay.

Engage in activities that will ensure all your organs and cells are well oxygenated. As long as there is sufficient oxygen, cancerous cells will hardly survive.


Cancer is a fatal disease that is rated as the second leading disease causing death around the world. I have taken the time to share all the knowledge that I have in regards to the cause of cancer, symptoms as well as the treatment options available.

With the right information, prevention and treatment of cancer will be successful. Please feel free to share your thoughts below and share the article with your friends and relatives.


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