When Do Boys/Girls Stop Growing Exactly?

When Do Boys/Girls Stop Growing Exactly?

How long does it take for a boy or a girl to grow from a tiny little baby to a fully-sized adult? Well, this has been a subject for discussion for many years, with people and scientists alike giving their input. However, what everyone agrees is that each person grows to a certain height over time, and it comes a time when the growth stops!

In this post, I am going to tell you exactly when do boys and girls stop growing, and of course what contributes to this. Note that this does not apply to a particular person but to the genders in general.

When do boys stop growing?


Now, let’s start with the boys. To go straight to the answer, majority of boys reach their full height and stop growing by the time they reach 16. However, their muscles do not stop there. They continue to grow, but the height remains fairly the same.

If you have a teenager or knows someone who has one you will realize that their height tends to grow aggressively from 12 to 16 years. According to research, during this time is when they have growth spurts, which mean rapid gain in height and weight in around 12 inches and 15-65 pounds respectively.

During this growth phase, the hands and feet expand first, and then the arms and legs follow. Eventually, the spine follows as well accompanied by broadening of shoulders.

When Do Girls Stop Growing?


One important thing you need to know is that girls tend to develop faster compared to boys. However, they hit their maximum growth when they begin to have periods. This is around 12 ½-years in general. Once the periods start, girls add around only 1 – 2 inches in height, and by the time they click 14 or 15, they have reached their full size.

Just as mentioned above, the question about the actual age depends on the first day of periods. Remember that there’s no typical age for one to start experiencing periods, and some may begin at the age of 8, while others will wait until they are 10, 12 13 or even 14.

So, why do we stop growing?

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Now that you know the exact times that both girls and boys stop growing, it’s only good to understand what happens for that growth is halted. Is it by chance? Is it something we are doing wrong?

Ultimately, people stop growing because they are programmed genetically to do so. The genes, which are made of DNA, are the ones that determine how much we grow and develop. Now, we inherit these genes from our parents the moment we are conceived, maintaining their blue print throughout life. When you are born, you continue growing and developing until you complete puberty, a time during which the body is instructed to stop growing.

The hormone that plays a role in growth and development is called HGH or human growth hormone. It is released in our brains, a section found behind the eyes. According to research, it is released in abundance when we are sleeping and after we engage in exercise. The hormone is responsible for promoting growth in your body until when your puberty ends.

However, while genes may play a major role, scientists have come out to prove that there are some environmental and lifestyle factors that may also harbour our growth. Some of the most common include nutrition factors and illness during puberty.

Can you alter your growth?

Well, yes, you can alter your growth. While we said that growth normally ends at around 16 years in boys and at puberty in girls, it’s good to know that you can add a few more inches to your frame with a few tricks.

Firstly, ensure you get a good night’s sleep as it’s during this time that the HGH is released in abundance. Engage in exercises as well, choosing your favourite one and doing it every day. Most importantly, maintain a healthy diet, adding more calcium-rich foods in your plate.

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Although it’s still a topic for discussion, scientists have somehow agreed that girls and boys reach their full size in different times. As you can see from the post, boys tend to grow aggressively from 12 to 16 years and then stop. Girls on the other hand start when they have their first period and stop at around 16 years. The onset can be 8, 10, 12, or 14 years, depending on the person.

You now have the knowledge when to expect your little one to stop growing and what really is the reason for this. I have also provided a few workable tips that would go a long way in adding a few inches to the height, especially in puberty. Go ahead and share this article and comment in the comment box below, should you have a concern or a question.


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